In several critical ways, Expanding Financial Inclusion (EFI) in Africa responded to the achievements and learning of CRS’ 2008-2012 SILC Innovations Project supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The SILC Innovations Project’s objective was to develop and test a fee for service model for SILC that could be replicated in almost any context.  What drove the Innovations Project was the idea that entrepreneurs, driven by their need to earn, would perform better than project paid agents.

The SILC Innovations Project looked at a range of indicators: who reached the poor, the number and quality of groups formed, performance across financial and membership measures, as well as agent’s earnings and overall member satisfaction.

While the Innovations project gave us robust evidence that the PSP model was viable, it also generated a new set of questions and challenges.  The EFI project developed, administered, and analyzed a number of surveys.  The reports and briefs generated from this work are categorized into four categories: Financial Behavior, Poverty Outreach, SILC & PSP Methodology, and Mobile Money & Linkages Pilot.