Financial Behavior


As part of the EFI project, CRS launched a two-year Financial Diaries project in Kasama, the capital of Zambia’s Northern Province, to understand the effect of SILC membership on a household’s ability to manage its cash flows and generate wealth. To examine those issues, a team of field researchers visited 135 SILC households and 135 comparison households each week to collect data on their earnings, expenditures, SILC use, other financial tool use, and major household events beginning in August 2014.

With 110 weeks of data collected, 200,000+ transactions recorded, and 42 individual in-depth interviews performed the SILC Financial Diaries research project finished in October of 2017.

EFI, in partnership with Microfinance Opportunities, has produced an 80-page report and a number of shorter briefs.  Access to the full report and these briefs are below.